2000+ Social Media Prompts for 2020

Never wonder what to post again!

US Celebrations & Holidays

From National Gummy Worm Day to Singles Awareness – delight and move your followers.

Inspirational Quotes

New, creative, inspirational and funny quotes to choose for any and every day of the year.

Engaging Questions

Get your customers talking with engaging questions and storytelling prompts that build connections.

...and Much More!

Promotional ideas, business insights, and even astral events that can inspire your customers

Yes, these prompts can work for you​!

No matter what business you're in!

Whether you're a service business, a product business, or a budding influencer, these prompts can streamline your social media and marketing. Spend your time on your customers instead!

Plus, they're not just for social media!

  • Blog posts
  • Email newsletter content
  • Podcast episodes
  • Promotions & Sale events

What's Included?

Don't worry. You're not just going to get a giant PDF you have to print out and sort through. The 2020 Social Media Prompt Collection gives you: 

  • Customizable documents for each type of content – so you can keep track of what you've already used!
  • 2020 Marketing Calendar Templates so you can plan all your content for a week, month, quarter or the whole year!
  • My favorite tech tools to streamline your social media scheduling for all the major platforms.

Content Ideas to Use Anywhere...

I want my 2000+ social media and content prompts for 2020!

  • Holidays & National Celebrations
  • Business Insights
  • Inspirational & Motivational Quotes
  • Engaging Questions for Groups
  • ... and more!

Stop struggling with writer's block or absent inspiration.

Whether you're creating a blog post, email newsletter or scheduling social media posts, this collection will help you get back to what's important – not spinning your wheels.